A very warm welcome to Pinzgau’s first indoor playground!

You will find an amazing 1200 m² fun park with a hidden fun shooter area, plenty of exciting slides, an electric kart track, a multifunctional field for soccer and basket ball, trampolines, a little boulder wall and a huge climbing volcano. For the little ones we also offer a separate toddler area including a ball pit. Our lounge area provides space to relax a little while with mom or dad and to replenish your energy.

Don't forget that everyone in the park must wear socks at any time. Walking barefoot or with shoes is forbidden due to hygiene and safety reasons.

Prices (from 1.1.2023)

Kids 0 and 1 year

€ 3,-

Kids 2 years

€ 7,-

Kids 3 years and older

€ 14,-

Kids’ pass for 10 entries

€ 126,-


€ 4,-

Adults´ pass for 10 entries

€ 36,-

Opening hours

Wed to Fri: 1.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Sat & Sun: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Mon & Tue: closed

Special opening times will be published via Facebook and on our homepage.



Info & Arrival

To ensure an entrance slot, we recommend to make a reservation in advance. Due to limited parking slots around the Kreativland, we kindly ask you to use public parking spaces in the centre of Maishofen, or to switch to public transport.

ARRIVAL BY TRAIN: The train station "Maishofen - Saalbach" is right next to the Kreativland and enables an easy and uncomplicated arrival by train.

ARRIVAL BY BUS: Only a stroll away from the Kreativland you will find the bus stop "Maishofen Ortsmitte". But also the bus stop "Maishofen Abzweigung Glemmtal" is within walking distance.


The owner and the staff of the Kreativland do not take legal responsibility for:

* Damage and injury that children inflict among themselves

* Damage and injury that have occurred due to improper handling

* Damage that arises because of negligent and willful behavior of other visitors

* No compensation for lost or damaged items

* Theft

No refund for paid entrance fees:

* Please check at the time of payment the correct number of kids and their age!

* Early departure in case of injuries or personal issues

* Any offender can be suspended until further notice for a certain period of time

* in case of necessary cleaning or maintenance work of
   individual areas during hours of operation

* By entering the playground  everyone, adults and minors, agree to being photographed. These
   pictures can be published by the Kreativland team for marketing purposes.

* We take the protection of personal data very serious and handle it strictly
   confidential. In no case confidential data will be passed on to a third party.



* Kids need to be accompanied by an adult, with the exception of children between 10  to 14 years, who understand German. They can be dropped off by a parent or legal guardian, who needs to sign a letter of agreement and a declaration of liability. Please note that we require photo identification of both  parents  and kids at the first unattended visit.

* Children are under the supervision of their parent or guardian at all times during their visit. The owner and the staff of the Kreativland do not assume any liability.

* The use of the factiliy, which is frequently tested and certified,  is at your own risk.

* Jackets, coats and shoes remain in the lockers in the cloakroom. 62 lockers are available for 1 EUR deposit each. We do not take legal responsibility for the loss of personal items.

* Push chairs are not allowed in the Kreativland. Please note, that in the entrance area we only have limited space for push chairs available.

* Socks must be worn at all times. Walking barefoot or with shoes is strictly forbidden due to hygiene and safety reasons.

* To avoid unnecessary dirt in the facility, we ask to pay attention to clean clothing.  For example: free from sand and dirt.

* Instructions by the staff must be followed at any time. Non-compliance might result in a ban from the facility.

* The toddler area is only for children under 3 years and their accompanying person.

* The entire park is video-monitored for security reasons.

* It's not allowed to take sharp objects or food and beverages  to the playing area. In case of damage compensation will be requested.

* No chewing gums.

* It's strictly forbidden to bring food and beverages to the Kreativland - except baby food.

* The consumption of food and beverages is only allowed in the designated areas, not on the carpet or on the play equipment.

* Smoking is not permitted within the Kreativland or on the terrace of the Kreativland.

* Animals are not allowed in the Kreativland.

* With payment of the entrance fee, the house rules and the general terms and conditions are accepted.